Chestertown Spy Forum on Town-Gown Future


Last Tuesday, the Chestertown Spy sponsored a public forum with Washington College President Sheila Bair and Chestertown Mayor Chris Cerino. The purpose of the event was to have a meaningful conversation with the community about the future of both the town and the school as they adjust to the rather complicated and challenging times of the 21st century.

With the help of the Washington College digital media services, we are able to present the whole meeting in its entirety for our readers benefit.

This video is approximately one hour in length. Please rewind to the beginning to see the entire program. 

Senior Nation: Why Chestertown with Bill and Beth Mohan


If there is just one question that the Chestertown Spy never stops asking in almost every profile we’ve done over the last eight years, it is, “How did you get here?” While some of our interviewees have the simple response that they were born here, for the vast majority it is an endlessly different tale of circumstances and fate.

But it is hard to think of a more intentional decision than when it comes to selecting Chestertown as a retirement community. For these decisions are not made because of career advancement, or the need for higher education, but for the pure pleasure of wanting to live here.

So there should be no surprise that the Spy focused on the motives of Bill and Beth Mohan, who recently gave up almost four decades living in Bethesda to establish residence at Heron Point. And like so many, there is always a backstory that we felt our readers would enjoy.

This video is approximately three minutes in length. For more information about Heron Point please go here

Spy Moment: Love, Loss and What I Wore at the Garfield


Veteran Director Diane Landskroener has assembled a formidable cast for the production of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, which opens Friday, April 14th at the Garfield Center for the Arts. Written by Nora and Delia Ephron and based on the book by Ilene Beckerman, the show is a scrapbook of stories about unfortunate prom dresses, the traumatic lighting in fitting rooms, high heels, short skirts and the existential state of having nothing to wear.  The NY Times called it “Breezy and perfectly enjoyable for the stray men in the room, it’s like a big bowl of buttered popcorn (but calorie-free!) for the women who can share deeply in the particulars of experience dissected and discussed.”

Cast photo, L-R: Julie Larwrence, Jennifer Kafka Smith, Jen Friedman, Hester Sachse, Melissa McGlynn. Photo and video by Jeff Weber.

The five women tasked with bringing these stories to life are no strangers to the Garfield stage. Jen Friedman, Jennifer Kafka Smith, Julie Lawrence, Melissa McGlynn and Hester Sachse have been in a number of recent shows, including Short Attention Span Theatre; My Fair Lady; The 39 Steps; The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged; A Christmas Carol; Stretchmarks; and Vanya, Sonia, Masha, and Spike, to name a few.

Opening night is also Ladies Night, with a buy two, get one free special for women. Or, choose to take advantage of the Garfield’s recurring opening night discount; get $5 off when you wear your Garfield t-shirt! The show runs three weekends, from April 14th-30th. Friday and Saturday shows begin at 8pm, and Sunday matinees begin at 3pm. Tickets are $20 general admission, $15 for military and seniors 65+, and $10 for students. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 410-810-2060. The Garfield Center for the Arts is located at 210 High Street in Chestertown.

Spy Moment: Kenny Award Presented to Red Devil Moon Cast


The Kent County Arts Council and the Hedgelawn Foundation gave the Hedgelawn Kenny Award annually for excellence and service in the arts in Kent County Maryland a few nights ago. The 2016 award goes to the Creators and Cast of Red Devil Moon, which performed highlights at the Garfield Center for the Arts, on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Recipients include: Robert Earl Price (Book & Narrator), Pam Ortiz (Music, Lyrics & Musician), Principal Singers Karen Somerville, Lester Barrett, Jr., and Jerome McKinney, and Musicians of the Pam Ortiz Band, Ray Anthony, Tom Anthony, Nevin Dawson, Philip Dutton, Bob Ortiz, and Ford Schumann.

Leslie Prince Raimond, director of the Kent County Arts Council, and Judy Kohl, director of the Hedgelawn Foundation awarded the Kenny, which this year was designed by Rob Glebe.

Hee is Leslie’s opening remarks:

“I’m Leslie Prince Raimond, director of Kent County Arts Council, and this is Judy Kohl, director of Hedgelawn Foundation

It is our great pleasure and privilege to have been involved in the Arts of Kent County for decades. Our Community continues to support and appreciate all forms of Arts and Humanities, and it is this that strengthens us. It is very exciting to once again present the Hedgelawn KENNY award given for excellence and service in the arts in Kent County, Maryland.

Our program tonight offers, once again, the chance for all of us to celebrate this contribution to our lives by these incredible artists through the universal language of music and poetry.

…. And to quote actor Wendell Pierce, That’s what art is, a form in which people can reflect on who we are as human beings and come to some understanding of this journey we are all on.

As we grapple with the concepts of society’s struggle for freedom, and equality, we can be moved by the ARTS to help us understand. Our amazingly talented cast and creators of Red Devil Moon bring us the story.”

This video is approximately for minutes in length

Food Alert: Plan for First Friday Oysters


Get ready for Barren Island oysters at Cassinelli’s Distillery at this coming First Friday in Chestertown. Buck-A-Shuck! will star John Andrew McCown heading up shucking department and will be in front of Cassinelli’s on High Street starting at 5 p.m. And if you step inside Cassinelli’s there’s beer & wine and mixed drinks are $6.


Spy Moment: Singing to Support the National Immigration Law Center


There is no secret that the Spy loves the Pam Ortiz Band. So when we were sent a short video of their last performance to support the National Immigration Law Center by Spy friend Jeff Weber, we thought our readers would enjoy it as much as we did.

BTW, A concert to highlight climate change & clean energy with special guests Meredith Davies Hadaway, Celtic harp, poetry Andrew McCown, outdoor educator & storyteller Robert Earl Price, and poet Jeff Davis is now set for Friday, March 3 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, March 5 at 3:00 p.m.

To reserve tickets for these concerts: Visit

Senior Nation: House as Biography with Londonderry’s Manor House


While it is true that almost every retirement community has something very special going for it, whether it be a golf course, location, or excellent cuisine, Londonderry on the Tred Avon is one of the very few that has a historically significant house on its grounds.

Nestled among Londonderry’s many cottages along the Tred Avon stands the Manor House which was built in 1867. Designed by the 19th-century architect Richard Upjohn, whose credits included Trinity Church in lower Manhattan, the gate designs of the Boston Commons, and more locally, the Parish House at Christ Church in Easton and Oxford’s own Trinity Church, the Manor House not only reflects the exceptional design of the time but also is one of the Mid-Shore’s most important reference points for the history of region with such familiar Eastern Shore names as Armstrong and Pinckney.

Now under the stewardship of volunteers who live in the Londonderry community, the house is not only used as a guesthouse for visitors of the residents who live there but is now open to the public during the day for meetings, weddings, and other special occasions.

The Spy talked to Manor House volunteers Susan Andrews and Pat Lewers a few weeks ago about some of its history, architectural features, and the remarkable charm of a very special home which has withstood the tests of time, a civil war, and two fires.

This video is approximately four minutes in length. For more information about Londonderry and the Manor House please go here

Spy Eye: Mr. Roberts at the Garfield


The Spy is always interested in military operations taking place in Chestertown and quickly assigned an agent to cover the dress rehearsal of the WW II-era production of Mr. Roberts at the Garfield. This was the report we received this morning.






“Mister Roberts” opens Friday and runs through February 19th. Friday and Saturday shows are at 8pm, with Sunday matinees at 3pm. Tickets are $20 general admission, $15 military/seniors and $10 for students. Tickets are available online at or by calling 410-810-2060.”

Good Stuff: Pam Ortiz Band Raises $3,000 for NAACP Voting Rights Fund


The Spy would like to note that the Pam Ortiz Band had a full house last weekend of the Robert Ortiz Studios last weekend with some fols standing throughout both sets. They raised $1,866 at the door and two anonymous donors agreed to supplement “the door” so that a total of $ 3,000 was raised for the NAACP Voting Rights defense fund.

Here’s a photo from the evening.