Technical FAQ

Internet Speed Requirements

The Spy has been designed for Internet users that have access to high-speed connections (DSL or Cable.) The Spy came to the conclusion that a sizable majority in our area have these services available to them. Nonetheless, we do regret that our dial-up readers will not be able to watch our video selections, at least for the time being.

Web Browser Compatibility

The Spy is designed to work with the Safari browser, which is available freely for both Mac and PC computers. Please visit for more information and to download Safari.  We believe that most other browsers (chiefly Firefox – freely available from will also successfully load the Spy website and video presentations.  If you are having problems, we suggest the visitor make sure their browser is either Safari or Firefox and is running with all of the latest updates. 

Internet Explorer.  We, as well as many websites, have found Internet Explorer to be problematic from time to time.  If you are using an oder version of IE, we suggest upgrading to the latest version.

Video Viewing

While very high speed internet connections should experience very few delays in launching a video presentation, those who have more modest speeds should allow time for the video to load, which, depending on your internet speed and your computer’s configuration, can be from one to several minutes. We advise patience in such matters.



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