Doubts on Obama Jobs Plan to Lift Rural Small Businesses


The’s Diana Ransom suggests that President Obama’s new jobs proposal has serious doubters in rural areas.  Proposals doubling the capital that the Small Business Investment Company program may invest in rural businesses to $350 million over the next five years or enticing investors to take a chance on rural businesses like wind farms and solar-panel manufacturers, while popular, are seen by some as just “lip service”.

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Democrat John LaFerla Speaks to Conservative Breakfast Club Thursday on Obamacare


Dr. John LaFerla, until recently chair of the Kent County Democratic Central Committee, will join CBG on Thursday, August 9, to discuss the Affordable Care Act (often called ObamaCare by its opponents).

The CBG meets every Thursday at 7:30 AM at the Holiday Inn in Chestertown.

Dr. LaFerla has been a gynecologist for 40 years, working in Kent County for the past 12. He has delivered over 700 local citizens! More than 20 years ago he went back to school and earned a Master’s in Public Health. For the past 5 years he has served (part-time) as Deputy Medical Health Officer for Talbot County. He has been involved in politics for some years and recently ran (unsuccessfully) to be the US Representative to Congress from Maryland’s District 1. Meanwhile, he continues to run an independent medical practice in Centreville providing health care for women of all ages and performing gynecologic surgery in Chestertown, Easton, and Annapolis.

Dr. LaFerla’s goal in coming to speak at the Conservative Breakfast Group is to open a dialogue concerning an area which is complicated, and fraught with misunderstanding. He will offer my insights and perspectives, and will listen to comments from the audience to better understand concerns and alternative ideas.

Harris Buys a Goat For Charity


From Congressmen Andy Harris’s Facebook Page:

Last night, I bought a goat at the Harford Co Farm Fair – from Corey Adkins – great job Corey!

I gave the goat back to Corey and donated the money to Ben Keyes Scholarship Fund. Harford Co 4H Livestock sale was a big success all around!

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Meanwhile Harris’s Democratic opponent, Wendy Rosen attended the grand opening of the Democratic Club of Wicomico County Headquarters!

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Letter to the Editor: Chestertown Wi-Fi Project


Recently a reader comment on the Spy suggested,  “we’ve been waiting eight months, ” for the wi-fi to be turned on. The reality is the project was initiated by Bill Ingersoll in the summer of 2010 by securing a legacy grant from the state of Maryland that became available through Federal Funds in the Stimulus Reinvestment act.

Since then Mr. Ingersoll has been instrumental in moving this project forward. This involved extensive discussions with the Kent County IT Department, its director Scott Boone and Economic Development director Bernadette Van Pelt. These discussions also included but ultimately didn’t involve the Maryland Broadband Cooperative that has just completed a Point of Presence at the Hospital for the fiber optic lines traveling north on Rt. 213.

Several bids were solicited to install an open wi-fi system and the TEC Communications proposal was ultimately selected in October of 2011 due to the expanded coverage and cost. During the winter and spring of 2011 as TEC’s representative I worked with Bill and Scott on the bandwidth access and the installation of a “hand off” at the court house. The access to bulk bandwidth was made possible by Bill’s diplomatic communications with the States Sailor Internet System.

The county working with limited recourses and funds confirmed that the town would have access to a broadband connection at the court house in September 2011 and the project was officially started with TEC.

The system is based on a Proxim Tsunami base station (BSU) located in the court house basement with a 5 MHz antenna on the tower. Passersby may have seen Scott, Carey and his team up and down the tower over winter and springtime. 5 MHz subscriber (SU) radios have been install atop several light poles to communicate with the BSU and deliver the internet to the access points mounted lower on the same light poles that provide Internet coverage from the top of Fountain Park to High Street at the water and down Cross Street. Local tree expert Jason Anthony provided assistance with the use of his bucket truck to install the SU and AP’s on the light poles. Baldwin Electric performed the electrical service requirements. All of this taking place over the winter and spring. The feed to the court house “hand off” was completed in late March by Scott Boone’s team.

During April and May the TEC team has been performing the antenna alignments and troubleshooting unforeseen but not unexpected issues such as a defective antenna cables on the tower. Additional time has been dedicated to security on the backend and the configuration to mesh the AP radios.

In summary this project has taken almost two years with many people contributing their time and effort to make Chestertown one of the first communities on the eastern shore with a free public space access Internet service.

Carey Callahan
TEC Communications representative

Author Stan Salett to Address Kent County Democrats June 16


Author and education expert Stan Salett will be addressing the Democratic Club of Kent County next Saturday at the Kent County Public Library’s Yellow Building. Salett, the author of The Edge of Politics: Stories from the Civil Rights Movement, the War on Poverty and the Challenges of School Reform will be interviewed by Kent County News reporter Peter Heck.

The program starts at 9:30 am and all are welcomed.

Author Stan Salett

Spring on the Island by Carol Mylander


The Queen Anne’s County’s soil warms up, but, the fields on Kent Island are a little slower, because of all the still cold water around and flowing through it. Our cool bays, creeks and river are our saving grace in the summer, and prolong our growing season into the late fall. The humidity adds to the health of our farm fields and gardens.

An Island spring for me means the blooming of Shadbush (Amelanchier arborea) those white flowering trees in the woods before the Dogwood(Cornus florida) blooms. It is a marvelous timing of Shad running and first of many Shad Roe dinners.

As the temperatures climbed, the fishnet makers of my youth, would move their weaving operations outside. I remember dipnet weavers working outside in Stevensville and Chester. With the hustle and bustle of shoppers and people going about their business the weavers slowed time and reminded us of our Island heritage. Men repairing Seine nets, the spring tides and the salty air sweeping the Island slowed time and reminded me of how special the Island was and our place on the earth.( A dipnet is a handheld pole with a string net knotted to a wire ring for the dipping of crabs and fish.)

Along the roadside hedgerows and by the edges of woods blooms another tree Possumhaw viburnum(Viburnum nudum). It has graceful flat blossoms similar to small hydrangea flowers, on spreading branches. Upon close observation it is much like Queen Anne’s Lace, very soft flowers with an overall lacy appearance. In my garden the tiny flowers are just gently falling.

Our native azalea( Rhododendron atlanticum) blooms all over the Island and can be found along the perimeter of woods. My grandmother sent me on my bicycle to fetch branches of this pink flowering honeysuckle like flowers. I rode my bicycle down Cedar Lane the only road in Benton’s Pleasure in and out of the ruts of broken oyster shells. I had to open and close the cattle gate each way, carrying the huge bunch of flowers.

In May watch out for locust ( Robinia psudoacacia) which grows along the banks of our estuaries especially Coxes Creek. It’s drooping fragrant clusters scent the air. The flowers are made up of pea-like white petals. My grandmother was always first to discover them in bloom, cutting branches and bringing them into the house. She put them in a crystal bowl on an old marble topped chest near the porch door. Then she would say “When the locust trees bloom, soft crabs are in season”. Locust wood because of it’s hardness and resistance to saltwater is used for boat posts in the creek, fishing weirs and fence posts.

Matapeake and Batt’s Neck are the places to see Wisteria “gone wild” growing up 50 foot trees, their blue violet flowers pretending they are falling from the treetops themselves, not the ancient vines they are. A reminder of how old this almost 400 year old settlement is, not including the previous 12,000 to 20,000 years of Indian habitat.

While all this flowering is going on the marshes are greening up, tiny one and a half inch crab shells are found in the detritus on the shoreline blessing us with the promise of crab feasts in the summer. As I walk the bay beach and pick up a few oyster shells for later sketching, I wonder where the scallop shells are. I still find beach glass, abundant in smaller pieces piled by a jetty. The Chesapeake Bay shoreline of Kent Island much changed since my childhood.

Carol Mylander was born on Kent Island where she spent her early years exploring clay cliffs, beaches saltwater marshes and ancestral places. She teaches journal workshops, paints and draws and is writing a book about her family and personal experiences on Kent Island.  She gardens professionally in Queen Anne’s and Kent counties.

Free Workshop on Helping Seniors – April 26


What is it like to have low vision or a hearing impairment or to have difficulty walking? Aging Simulation Sensitivity Training will be held on Thursday, April 26, 10 am- noon, upstairs in the Chestertown Town Hall. The workshop is designed to raise awareness among those who deal with the public as well as for geriatric workers, students, caregivers, and volunteers of all ages.

Sponsored by the Kent County Commission on Aging, the workshop is presented by the Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center. Located in Cambridge, the Center supports quality health care services for Eastern Shore communities. Goals of the training are to:
*Better recognize barriers to communicating with older people
*Become aware of behavioral clues that can affect decision-making
*Experience the effect of sensory losses such as impaired vision, hearing, and mobility
*Recognize one’s own personal attitudes toward aging and the elderly
According to Audrey Wahl, Project Coordinator, “After the session, people who attend have a better understanding of the need for patience and compassion when interacting with the elderly or disabled of any age.

Sessions have been held in Wicomico, Dorchester, Somerset, and Caroline Counties. Comments include: “It was a lot of fun!”, “This really made me understand the elderly more.”, “I really enjoyed the age simulation activity.” “Awesome!  Really opened my eyes.”
To register, call 410-778-6000. Refreshments will be served.

‘All American Best of Budget Wines’ Tasting Set for April 17


The Imperial Hotel is offering a “Post Tax Day All American Best of Budget Wines” tasting on Tuesday, April 17.

General Manager and confessed wine geek Joe Dolce has put together a selection that represent great quality and great values.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
6:30 p.m.
$14.00 per person

Imperial Hotel
208 High St
Chestertown MD 21620

Chamber of Commerce to Host Post-Session Legislative Breakfast


The Kent County Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Post-Session Legislative Breakfast  on Tuesday, April 17 at Heron Point. You will hear directly from the 36th District Legislators about what has transpired during this year’s General Assembly and how it will affect your business, including a Q&A session. This event is open to the public.

$10.00 Chamber of Commerce Members
$15.00 Non-Members

Deadline for Reservations: Tuesday, April 10
RSVP to Loretta at 410/810-2968 or
or online at

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
8:30 A.M.

Heron Point
501 East Campus Avenue
Chestertown, MD 21620


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