Doubts on Obama Jobs Plan to Lift Rural Small Businesses


The’s Diana Ransom suggests that President Obama’s new jobs proposal has serious doubters in rural areas.  Proposals doubling the capital that the Small Business Investment Company program may invest in rural businesses to $350 million over the next five years or enticing investors to take a chance on rural businesses like wind farms and solar-panel manufacturers, while popular, are seen by some as just “lip service”.

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Letters to Editor

  1. Bill Anderson says:

    … some worry that the program amounts to little more than lip service. Of course, it’s nothing other than lip service, by a failed presidency now desparate for votes wherever he may be able to find them. All the “Hope and change” has evaporated, without the benefit of positive change. The economy continues to under-perform and unemployment continues unabated. It’s time for change — in the oval office and in the halls of congress.

    • Michael Hildebrand says:

      All “Hope and Change” has evaporated, but this happened a long time ago. While I will not defend the policies that this administration has enacted, the republican party and past administrations have failed the American people too! Republicans are still trying to sell us that thought of not taxing the job creators, but that policy has failed too! Where are all the jobs that should have been created with that theory when Bush Jr. was in office? Jobs are created when the demand for goods calls for them and until everyone (no matter what their economic status) has the money to produce demand, there will be no jobs. The American public are being taxed to death, businesses are being regulated to death and the economy is being legislated to death by both parties, not just by one. Whether you like it or not, the only thing both parties agree on is how to keep both parties in power to create wealth for themselves. Republicans as well as Democrats are responsible for the problems that plague this country and changing the oval office from blue to red won’t change a thing. Until the American people grow a pair and begin to elect a third party into the mix of things, nothing will change. It is time we put people in office that will DO the job of the people, not the job for personal gain. We need a government that operates on common sense, less money and smarter regulation. We need a government that is about the success of the country as a whole, not for the success of a few at the cost of the whole country. But this will never happen because the people have been brain washed into thinking if you aren’t blue or red than you are an outcast. So continue to re-elect the same two headed monster, one named Democrat and the other named Republican. The people who wish our country to fail will thank you for it!

  2. Peter Stroup says:

    Republicans block every initiative to improve the ecomony and then blame the President that things are not better. They are willing to hurt the county to make sure Obama is not seen as successful. Fortunately most people are not fooled

  3. Lainey Harrison says:

    Did anyone else notice the “full” story is over one year old?

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