Radcliffe Creek School Receives $75,000 Gift for Financial Aid


Radcliffe Creek School is pleased to announce that it has received a generous $75,000 gift from Barbara Thomas and family members of her deceased brother, John Lane. The gift was used to help students who might otherwise have not been able to attend Radcliffe Creek School and as seed money to generate additional donations and revenue to help supplement the 2018-2019 operating budget, including a challenge to Radcliffe Creek’s donors to double the donation for the school’s Annual Fund.

“The gift from Barbara Thomas and the Lane Family will have an immediate impact on Radcliffe families as it enabled several families to send their children for the 2018-2019 school year,” said Radcliffe Creek’s Head of School, Meg Bamford, who began the position on July 1. “The ability to tell these families that their children would be able to come because of this gift was truly an honor. Our desire is to help as many students as we can. However, our difficulty lies in providing a small student to teacher ratio to provide targeted instruction and our families’ ability to pay our tuition. Often, parents come to Radcliffe not because they intended to enroll their children in private school, but because they are looking for an environment that can celebrate their child’s strengths while actively remediating their areas of weakness. Radcliffe embraces the whole child. Radcliffe Creek School believes that everyone learns differently and can thrive with structured, multisensory, personalized programming. Students with learning disabilities, apraxia, high functioning autism, and ADHD continue to blossom in this setting alongside their peers who do not have a disability.”

Radcliffe Creek School continues to thrive and the need for the program is greater now than ever before, which is why the support of Barbara Thomas and the Lane Family is so vital. For the 2018-2019 school year alone, the school committed more than $400,000 in financial aid to its 84 kindergarten through eighth grade students.

“Over the last three years, and guided by our Strategic Plan, Radcliffe Creek School has focused on developing relationships toward advancing financial aid for Radcliffe students, which remains a critical need for the school. Currently, more than 60 percent of the students at Radcliffe Creek receive financial aid and the school is unable to meet the demands from many other families seeking to address their child’s needs,” said Radcliffe’s Board President, Susan Newton-Rhodes. “Financial resources are critical to reaching these children and families which require specialized support for their learning differences. This very generous and timely gift to Radcliffe will enable the school to offer opportunities to many families to attend this special school. We are deeply grateful to their generosity and acknowledge their understanding of the needs of these children to receive the type of support that Radcliffe offers.”

“My wife Gay and I were motivated to make this gift because of Barbara Thomas (my aunt) and John Lane (my late father and her brother). They both cared greatly about education and believed that a good education for someone was a benefit for everyone. Along with my three siblings, Bob, Judy, and Ginger, and their spouses, we share this belief,” said Doug Lane.

Radcliffe Creek School is an independent day school with the mission of empowering children in a dynamic environment that celebrates unique learning. At the heart of The Radcliffe Way is the notion of personalized learning in a caring community that sets high expectations, but provides support for all students to excel. For more information about Radcliffe Creek or Little Creek, the school’s preschool, which includes programs for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten, please call 410-778-8150 or visit www.radcliffecreekschool.org.

Radcliffe Creek School Launches Founders’ Fund with $1 Million Goal


Radcliffe Creek School Students

In front of an enthusiastic audience attending its Fall Soirée on Friday, October 20, Radcliffe Creek School  announced the establishment of The Founders’ Fund and its goal of raising $1 million to create an endowed scholarship for students  needing financial assistance.

The Founders’ Fund honors the final year of Radcliffe’s Founding Director, Molly Brogan Judge, as well as the other dedicated original  advisors and investors of the school. Opening its doors 22 years ago with 13 students in grades one through seven, Radcliffe’s goal has  always been to create a learning environment where bright children, who learn differently, could succeed. The school today thrives under  Judge’s visionary, dedicated leadership and with the support from a committed group of staff, parents, grandparents, and friends the  vision continues. The kindergarten through eighth grade program currently enrolls 82 students, while Little Creek, Radcliffe’s preschool,  serves 52 students from infancy through pre-kindergarten.

Radcliffe’s Founding Director, Molly Brogan Judge (right) with Radcliffe Creek friend and supporter Barbara Thomas

Radcliffe Creek has truly changed the educational landscape of the Eastern Shore, and beyond, with students traveling from seven  different counties in Maryland and Delaware to attend the school. Many students come to Radcliffe unsure of themselves not just as  students, but as individuals. Because of the small class sizes, compassionate teachers, and hands-on learning, these students leave  Radcliffe Creek with an understanding about what it takes to succeed. And succeed they do.  Radcliffe alumni go on to college, the  military, graduate school, and beyond. Many alumni point to their Radcliffe Creek School education as the turning point in their  academic career.

“This is the most significant fundraising effort ever undertaken by the School,” said Radcliffe’s Board of Trustees President, Susan  Newton-Rhodes. “The Board of Trustees knows the goal is high, but believes it is only fitting. This new fund will address the Board’s  highest priority – financial aid for worthy students – by creating a lasting fund for those families and children who need Radcliffe the  most.”

For the last 22 years, Radcliffe’s Board of Trustees has allocated as many financial resources as possible to families who cannot afford a  Radcliffe education without assistance. This year alone, $350,000 has been distributed in financial aid to kindergarten through eighth  grade students. As the school continues to grow, so will this need.

“This effort will be a big challenge, but I’m passionate, as well as confident, that we can accomplish this goal to establish a $1 million  legacy in honor of the many creative minds that united together to build Radcliffe Creek School,” said Judge. “My hope is that others will  learn more about our past, embrace the goal of the fund, and continue to develop this endowment for years to come.”

Radcliffe Creek School is an independent day school with the mission of empowering children in a dynamic environment that celebrates  unique learning. For more information about Radcliffe Creek School or Little Creek, the school’s preschool, which includes programs for  children from infancy through pre-kindergarten, please call 410-778-8150 or click here.



Nice! $75,000 Gift to Radcliffe Creek School


Radcliffe Creek School is pleased to announce that it has received a $75,000 gift from the Middendorf Foundation, Inc. for the School’s scholarship endowment.

“Middendorf Foundation is one of the original founding supporters of the work at Radcliffe Creek School, and as the Board of Trustees continues to evaluate ways of securing the future of the school, this generous contribution aligns perfectly with these discussions and establishes the cornerstone for future development opportunities,” said Radcliffe Creek’s Board President, Susan Newton-Rhodes. “The school is incredibly grateful for this contribution and its long-term partnership with the Middendorf Foundation.”

Radcliffe Creek School Students

Radcliffe Creek’s endowment is currently managed by Mid-Shore Community Foundation in Easton, MD

“With Radcliffe’s Strategic Plan in its final stages and as we continue to move our thoughts to securing the future of the school, I am excited to once again partner with the Middendorf Foundation for the benefit of the school’s scholarship endowment, which is critical to the support of children who otherwise would be unable to utilize our services,” Radcliffe Creek’s Director, Molly Judge, said. “The Radcliffe Way certainly embraces the understanding that learning differences do not discriminate due to socio-economic status and therefore focusing on endowment funding is essential to the long-term sustainability of the school and its mission.”

The Middendorf Foundation is based in Baltimore, MD. Guided by the philanthropic ideals of its founders, J. William, Jr. and Alice Carter Middendorf, the foundation has long supported institutions and projects within the following areas of interest to Maryland citizens: culture, education, the environment, health care, historic preservation, and social services. The Trustees today continue to focus on these objectives.

“The Middendorf Foundation was pleased to present this gift to Radcliffe Creek School as an investment in its future,” Laura Holter, Middendorf’s Executive Director, said. “Radcliffe Creek is an incredibly unique school that truly believes in the success of each student. The impact of a school like Radcliffe is invaluable to the Eastern Shore community and beyond, and we are proud to support its mission.”

Radcliffe Creek School is an independent day school with the mission of empowering children in a dynamic environment that celebrates unique learning. For more information about Radcliffe Creek or Little Creek, the school’s preschool, which includes programs for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten, please call 410-778-8150 or visit the school’s website.

Horizons Welcomes 160 Students to 2017 Summer Program


Horizons Students

Chestertown, MD (June 27, 2017)—Horizons of Kent and Queen Anne’s—a summer academic and enrichment program for local underprivileged students—welcomed 160 students to its three campuses yesterday—at Gunston, Radcliffe Creek, and Washington College—for the beginning of its 2017 #SixWeeksofHappiness. This summer’s program centers on a water-related theme, with both academic lessons and enrichment opportunities that build upon the learning-rich environment of the Chesapeake Bay. Through this coveted summer opportunity, Horizons students gain not only academic achievements but return to school with confidence, preparedness, and a desire to learn. They also receive breakfast and lunch each day.

“Today, we begin a six-week summer transformational journey for 160 low-income students from Kent and Queen Anne’s counties,” explains Executive Director Bob Parks. “Over the summer, disadvantaged children tread water at best, or even fall behind. But through the Horizons summer academic and cultural enrichment program, these children will instead make academic gains—and return to school in the fall armed with confidence and preparedness that will allow them to achieve academic success during the school year and beyond.”

About Horizons of Kent and Queen Anne’s

Since 1995, the Horizons summer learning program has served hundreds of Kent and Queen Anne’s County children at or below the poverty level, as part of a growing national initiative to reduce the summer slide. The six-week program headquartered at Radcliffe Creek School in Chestertown and The Gunston School in Centreville serves kids from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Horizons of Kent and Queen Anne’s is one of 51 affiliates of the Horizons National summer learning program. The six-week summer program employs an experiential model of teaching that focuses on reading, writing, and math. Students not only improve academically, but learn to swim and participate in activities that foster creativity, confidence, citizenship, and good health.

To keep up with all the Horizons news, please visit our website and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Jesse Nunn Hushion – New Teacher at Radcliffe Creek School


Radcliffe Creek School is pleased to announce the hiring of Jesse Nunn Hushion, who will serve as a teacher in the kindergarten through eighth grade starting in September 2017.

Jesse Nunn Hushion

Hushion is a native of Chestertown and received her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her master’s degree in education with a focus on Childhood and Special Education from Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY.

Since August 2013, Hushion has served as a special education teacher at Vail Farm Elementary School in LaGrangeville, New York.

“Radcliffe is so fortunate to welcome Jesse and her family into the Radcliffe community,” Molly Judge, Radcliffe Creek School’s Director, said. “Her experience with differentiated instruction and multi-sensory teaching will lend itself well here on the Creek. It is evident that Jesse is committed to empowering children who learn in unique ways.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the Radcliffe Creek community,” Hushion said. “As an educator, I have always valued vibrant learning communities that promote curiosity and creativity. Radcliffe clearly embraces and lives by these values. With great anticipation and excitement, I look forward to the coming 2017-2018 school year.”

Radcliffe Creek School is an independent day school whose mission it is to empower children in a dynamic environment that celebrates unique learning. For more information about Radcliffe Creek or Little Creek, the school’s preschool, which includes programs for children from infancy through pre- kindergarten, please call 410-778-8150 or visit their website.



The 2017 Tea Party Distance Classic and Run for Radcliffe


Radcliffe Creek School is happy to announce the return of the popular 10-mile race for the 2017 Tea Party Distance Classic and Run for Radcliffe, which will be held on Saturday, May 27 at Wilmer Park.

The Chestertown Tea Party Distance Classic has been a part of the Chestertown Tea Party for more than 40 years. Eleven years ago, Radcliffe Creek School took over the management of these runs, with the proceeds benefiting the School’s scholarship fund. The Run is the largest source of funding for this fund.

The School is also pleased to announce the launch of a website dedicated to the Run: chestertownteapartyrun.org. The site features registration and race day information, as well as fundraising information and photos from past races. Registration can be done online via active.com (search for Chestertown Tea Party Run).

Prices have also been lowered this year, with the 5K starting at $35 (price increases to $40 on May 1) and the 10-miler starting at $45 (price increases to $50 on May 1). A discount is available for groups of 15 or more runners, please contact the school for a discount code.

Radcliffe Creek School changes children’s lives, and by participating in the Chestertown Tea Party 10-Miler and 5K Distance Classic/Run for Radcliffe, runners are helping make this possible. Whether a student has a learning difference such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, executive function disorders, or a speech and language disorder, or would just simply benefit from an individualized environment, a Radcliffe education works.

Radcliffe Creek School is an independent day school with the mission of empowering children in a dynamic environment that celebrates unique learning. For more information about Radcliffe Creek or Little Creek, the school’s preschool, which includes programs for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten, please call 410-778-8150 or visit www.radcliffecreekschool.org.

Get Ready for Legos and Miniature Trains this Saturday


Without doubt, there will be some serious Lego competition at the upcoming fundraiser for the Radcliffe Creek School on November 26th. If one studies their flyer about the event on Saturday, one can well imagine dozens of students testing out their engineering and architecture skills to win top prizes.

But the primary reason to head over to Frank Rhodes Studio on Morgnec Road that day is to see firsthand one of the greatest miniature train collections on the East Coast. We were sent this video to tantalize Spy readers to see Frank’s remarkable display.

For more information about the Train Show and Lego Competition, go here.


Radcliffe Creek School Names Ben Joiner Assistant Head of School


ben joinerRadcliffe Creek School is pleased to announce the hiring of Ben Joiner as Assistant Head of School. Ben will join the school on August 1, 2016.

The hiring of an Assistant Head was a critical part of Radcliffe’s strategic plan, Securing our Future. The plan focuses on charting the course and identifying both specific short and longer-term goals for the school, specifically focused on programmatic, financial, advancement, and governance ideals.

“We are thrilled that Ben is returning in this new capacity to the school. Our search process encompassed approximately 30 candidates for this position. Resumes were reviewed and candidates interviewed by a group of seven individuals representing all of the school’s constituencies. Ben proved to not only be the best candidate for this position, but also an individual we know will integrate into the unique culture and leadership of the school,” said Susan Newton-Rhodes, Radcliffe Creek School’s Board President. “The selection of the Assistant Head of School is a critical step for the school as we prepare for our founder, Molly Judge, to transition in the next two years. We welcome Ben and his family back to the Creek with joy and high expectations for our collective future.”

For the last two years, Ben has served as Assistant Head of School at Kent School in Chestertown, where he was responsible for assisting the Headmaster with the academic leadership of the school, including consulting with teachers on classroom management, teaching methods, and general school procedures. He maintained congruence between the school’s mission statement and all academic activities and oversaw the coordination of the co-curricular and extracurricular activity programs.

Prior to his time at Kent School, Ben was a member of the Radcliffe Creek School faculty for 13 years, where he served as the Discovery Department Coordinator, Discovery instructor, Athletic Director and coach, as well as the Eighth Grade Placement Coordinator. Ben’s love of active, hands-on learning truly speaks to his love of The Radcliffe Way.

“The notion that education should be an individualized experience and that every child can succeed constitute the basic tenets of my educational philosophy,” Ben said. “I am most passionate about meeting students where they are; helping students find their strengths and nurture their passions. I want children to be confident. I want them to be independent. I want them to embrace process. I want them to think and struggle and err and persevere and triumph. I want them to learn and thrive. Children deserve this kind of education, and it is my belief that given the appropriate environment and abundant opportunity, every child can succeed. I am thrilled to be returning to Radcliffe.”

Radcliffe Creek School is an independent day school designed for students between the ages of 5 and 14. Offering a three-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, students are encouraged to use their strengths to balance weaknesses and acquire the skills to become confident, independent learners. For more information about Radcliffe Creek or Little Creek, the school’s preschool, which includes programs for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten, please call 410-778-8150 or visit www.radcliffecreekschool.org.

All Aboard: Holiday Train Show Rolls In To Benefit Radcliffe Creek School


A holiday train show and LEGO competition will be held on Saturday, November 28 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Frank B. Rhodes Furniture Maker (535 Morgnec Road) in Chestertown. All proceeds from the event will benefit Radcliffe Creek School.

The train show will feature Standard and O-gauge engines and is being hosted by local furniture maker and train enthusiast, Frank Rhodes, who has been involved with the hobby for more than 50 years. There will be 15 continuously running trains included in the interactive display. Admission is $5 for individuals and $10 for a family.

The LEGO competition is open to children ages 5-18. There is a $5 registration fee and all designs must be the entrant’s original design and approximately 12 inches deep, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches high. Designs must be dropped off at 535 Morgnec Road no later than 3:30 p.m. on Friday, November 20 (late entries will be accepted on Monday, November 23 for a $15 entrance fee) and will be judged by a “celebrity” panel. Entries should include a name for the project and a brief description. Top two entries by age category (5-8, 9-12, and 13-18) will win $100 and $50 gift certificates to the LEGO Store. Entries should be picked up Monday, November 30 after 10:30 a.m. Items not picked up by December 4 will be dis-assembled and the Legos will be donated.

Food for the event is being provided by Boy Scout Troop #130.

For more information, call 410-778-3993 or visit www.radcliffecreekschool.org

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