Cars of Kent County: Volvo Amazon


Cars in a small town play a remarkable role in the character of a community. The older they are, the more people can remember the first owner, and the second, and perhaps a third. They park on our streets as mobile reminders of friends and moments of past adventures, political campaigns, sports teams and other symbols of our local culture, and like the county itself, age with a particular grace.

With Chestertown RiverArts taking a few weeks off this summer with their wonderful Humans of Kent County, the Spy thought it would be fun to document some of the more famous or infamous cars of our community.  To disclose the identity of the car owners would make it too easy for our readers. Take a guess and leave a comment below. And submit your own photos of the cars of Kent County with your own stories.

Volvo Amazon (1956-1970)


While the licence plate on this Volvo Amazon says Massachusetts, this classic was a regular resident of South Mill Street while the owner taught at Washington College. In fact, this may be the third Volvo of its kind to reside on the same block since the Spy started reconnaissance work in the late 1980s.  A classic for college campuses for over five decades, the Amazon became synonymous with countless left-leaning causes and political campaign through the years.  Chestertown should have more of them on their streets.


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  1. jenifer endicott emley says:

    I think the owner of that Volvo called it “Ethel.”
    Hi Ethel!

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