State Trooper in Bar Fight with WC Student in 2013 Now Charged With Domestic Violence


On Tuesday, August 4, Maryland state trooper Sergeant Daniel T. Baxter was charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, attempted second-degree assault and reckless endangerment resulting from domestic violence against a woman with whom he had a previous relationship.

According to case records the warrant was issued through the District Court for Kent County via Assistant State’s Attorney Ellis Rollins. A preliminary hearing is set for September 3, 2015, 8:45 am.

The incident happened at Baxter’s home in Worton. Baxter is accused of threatening to kill the woman, and followed her to his parents’ house next door with an unloaded shotgun and a box of shells. Baxter’s father intervened.

The woman suffered head and face injuries and was treated at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

A warrant was issued and served when Baxter turned himself into the Kent County’s Sheriff’s Office. He has been suspended without pay.

Sergeant Baxter first appeared in the Spy as a result of a 2013 fight with Washington College student Anthony Martino at Washington’s Tavern in Chestertown.

Martino, a WC college senior, was charged with two counts of first-degree assault and one of reckless endangerment.

Multiple eyewitnesses later contradicted the “official” report of the incident and charges were later dropped against the student.

Chestertown Spy articles on Baxter and the 2013 case can be found here, here, and here.

Letters to Editor

  1. Maria Wood says:

    I must object to the use of the word ‘altercation’ in this article. Domestic violence is abuse, not conflict, and the victim should not be even incidentally blamed for an abusive attack with the use of a word implying a two-sided dispute or argument.

  2. Bennett Price says:

    Well well well……..

  3. joe diamond says:

    The woman suffered head and face injuries and was treated at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is a chopper ride away from here. Hopkins is in Baltimore. The local band aid and stitch-em docs must of thought these were serious injuries.

    That “Sargent” title seems new. Was this guy promoted after the bar incident?

    I’ll watch.


  4. carol cameron says:

    Spy, it should also be noted that Sgt. Baxter is not giving up without a, um, er, fight. The very next day, Aug. 5, he himself filed 17 (seventeen) charges against Ms. Hurd, including multiple counts of 2nd degree assault, theft, trespassing, M.D.O.P., stalking. Quite a litany of accusations, better bring your eyeglasses to the judiciary website, find a comfy chair, for this one.

    Maria, am not disputing your definition of domestic violence, you make an excellent point.

    • Maria Wood says:

      This kind of counteroffensive is a classic diversionary tactic and typical of the way that many abusers use the court system to continue the pattern of victimization and their attempts to maintain power and control through emotional, legal, and financial abuse.

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