Letter to Editor: Councilmembers Stetson and Tolliver Should Resign


Two members of the Chestertown Town Council voted to deny its citizens fundamental and inalienable rights of all men and women. Rights enshrined in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Rights men and women in uniform died to protect. Councilmembers Stetson and Tolliver voted to deny citizens their rights to freely and peacefully assemble, and they voted for discrimination.

Their vote to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) citizens and their families, friends, and allies in their request to use a public park to celebrate their diversity must not go unaddressed. This isn’t just about a vote that is an affront to the Chestertown that I know—a welcoming town that would look vastly different without the important contributions of our LGBTQ friends and family. This is bigger. The reputation–and maybe even the future–of Chestertown is at stake. Mr. Stetson and the Rev. Tolliver must resign.

Left unaddressed, this vote to discriminate may have profound and as yet unknown consequences for the community. What business or person would want to move to a community where nearly half its elected officials voted in support of discrimination? Those same elected officials bemoan the lack of jobs for young people and lament the loss of economic development. But those officials are unable to see how discrimination and bigotry play a role in young people’s departure from Chestertown for better opportunities and fail to understand that businesses well suited for a college town—businesses like a tech startup—would quickly dismiss Chestertown as unwelcoming because of their recent vote.

Despite their many years of service to Chestertown, which should be congratulated, Mr. Stetson and the Rev. Tolliver cannot continue to represent the citizens of Chestertown on the Town Council. They must resign immediately. And the citizens of Chestertown must come together to ensure our town continues to welcome everyone, regardless of whom they love. We must stand against people who vote to deny citizens their fundamental rights and must call out discrimination in every form. This cannot go unaddressed.

Bruce Alexander
Former Chestertown resident


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    • If the permit were to be denied based on their objections it would be a violation of the 14th amendment.

    • To answer Vernon’s question…it essentially comes down to the fact an elected or non-elected government official cannot use their personal feelings about the content of an event to deny issuing a permit for the event. To do so violates the First Amendment rights of the event organizers and the First Amendment protects citizens, not government officials and for instance is why a county clerk cannot refuse to issue a marriage license to a same sex couple due to religious or moral objections. Had another council member voted no in this case, the town would be setting itself for potential litigation for denying the permit. As a timely example, I would also add that the same criteria would apply if a group was seeking a permit for a “Make America Great Again” event.

  2. Mike Herman says

    I couldn’t agree any more with Bruce Alexander. Politicians who can’t understand lifestyles and situations they don’t agree with shouldn’t be in office.

  3. Patsy Hornaday says

    I would not ask Mr. Tolliver nor Mr. Stetson to resign anymore than I would deny any well behaved group the right to parade on High or hold a meeting in our public park. “Liberty & Justice” for all is our creed in America. Well behaved is the criteria as citizens and law enforcement.

    We IN Chestertown are so blessed by The U.S. CONSTITUTION OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS.

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