Kent County Commissioner Race: A Conversation with Bob Jacob


Every election year, the Chestertown Spy uses the power of multimedia to introduce candidates for local office in a way that is far less traditional than the typical community forum or debate. Rather than be limited by a set amount of time to state policy views or answer questions, the Spy has used the video interview format to understand more fully a candidate’s points of view as well as their personalities. We continue this practice again this year with six conversations with those running to be one of the three Kent County Commissioners. During these chats, candidates have been asked questions on economic development, public school funding, public transportation as well as understanding their backgrounds and motivation for running for office.

We continue our series with Bob Jacob. Born and raised in Kent County, Bob is the owner and president of Chesapeake CNC Manufacturing Center, producing Swiss Screw Machining of precision parts and assembly.


Letters to Editor

  1. Janet Christensen-Lewis says

    Has Bob Jacob done the math? 
    Mr. Jacob’s economic plan to increase revenue in the County is to somehow bring 1000 new families to live in Kent County (Webster defines family as a group consisting of parents and children living together).  His estimate is that this influx would bump up county revenues by $3 Million.

    Maintenance of Effort (MOE) in 2018 was locked in at $9,236 yearly, as the amount Kent County is required to pay to Kent County School District, for every student attending Kent County Public Schools (KCPS). The 2019 MOE funding has again been raised but is not used in this calculation. Maryland State Law mandates that this MOE/student must be maintained at the previous year’s level and cannot be decreased by the county.

    Using the revenue figure, provided by Mr. Jacob, of approximately $3000/family from property taxes to the county, assuming that the increased property tax revenue was only used on the MOE funding and disregarding funding for any other Kent County Government Services; the following table looks at the plan when the number of children/family varies from 1 to 3,

         #CHILDREN/FAMILY           MOE     REVENUE   LOSS    DEFICIENT   
                                 1                               $  9,236 –  $3000   =     ($6,000)            ($ 6,000,000)
     2                               $18,472  –   $3000   =     ($15,472)            ($15,472,000)
                                  3                               $27,708  –   $3000   =     ($24,708)           ($24,708,000)
    The impact of Mr. Jacob’s plan on Kent County finances would be a $6 Million to $25 Million or more of losses, not a $3,000,000 gain as stated.

    His math just does not add up.


      The table is not correctly displayed in the post. I am going to try one more time to make it display correctly to make it easier to read. Not sure this will work

      #CHILDREN/FAMILY           MOE     –  REVENUE   =        REVENUE   x 1000 =    DEFICIT
      1                       $ 9,236   $3000       ($6,000)     ($6,000,000)
      2                       $18,472 $3000       ($15,472)         ($15,472,000)
      3                       $27,708     $3000       ($24,708)           ($24,708,000)

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