A Conversation with Spy Columnist David Montgomery and 1st District Candidate Jesse Colvin


It is usually the case that the Spy uses editorial discretion in presenting candidates for public office. To serve our readers, and respect their limited time to consume this form of video interviews, we have long used the practice of editing the comments of those running for office down to digestible segments to quickly get to the core of their policy platforms and qualifications. While we still think that this is a useful approach, and will continue to use it, we nevertheless are always eager to explore different formats to objectively as possible present different points of view.

That is indeed the case with our experiment with the Avalon Foundation’s public access television station (MCTV), to present, unedited, a healthy and respectful conversation between conservative Spy columnist (and acclaimed economist) David Montgomery, and Democratic candidate Jesse Colvin for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, for a one-to-one interview, from beginning to end, on some of the critical issues facing this country in the 2018 midterm election this November.

We plan to interview Rep. Andy Harris using the same format on October 16.

This video is approximately forty minutes in length.


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Letters to Editor

  1. Beryl Smith says:

    If there were more of these dialogues and less written screed that may be misinterpreted, we would all benefit and maybe our country would work better. Thanks to the spy and these 2 men who on paper look poles apart but can come together in a civil and thoughtful way.

  2. Briggs Cunningham says:

    Mr. Montgomery,

    How about you ask your party leaders to give back some of that ridiculous tax cut to corporations and wealthy individuals in order to fund a program of national service that you and Mr. Colvin agree is needed for this country. Just a thought.

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