Jesse Colvin Endorsed by Cecil County Progressive Caucus


The Cecil County Progressive Caucus announced its endorsement of Jesse Colvin as the Democratic candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District on Wednesday.

Formerly known as Cecil County for Bernie Sanders, this group got thousands registered to vote and out on Election Day in 2016. They are a major force in grassroots politics in Cecil County, and now they are committed to helping Jesse win the Democratic primary and ultimately to defeat Andy Harris.

“We don’t agree on every issue, and sometimes we take different approaches, but this remarkable group exemplifies the tent I am building to flip the 1st District,” Jesse said after receiving the group’s endorsement. “Several members of Cecil County Progressive Caucus protested at Standing Rock. Several have been in the trenches of our healthcare system for decades. Others are veterans. Still others are dedicated public school teachers.”

Here’s the text of the endorsement:

“The Cecil County Progressive Caucus is pleased to announce the group’s endorsement of Jesse Colvin, the Democratic candidate for Maryland’s First Congressional District. After meeting with three of the four Democratic Primary Congressional candidates for the First District, we found that Jesse’s platforms and attributes most closely aligned with our values and priorities. Jesse is authentic. He doesn’t act or talk like a politician — he listens and shows up. His energy and integrity are particularly compelling, and helped cement our decision. We will work tirelessly to help Jesse win the Primary and beat Andy Harris in November.”

Jesse is running for Congress because he wants to bring courage and civility back to Washington. He is focused on making the 1st District a place where his kids and grandkids want to stay. He wants to ensure folks have access to decent and affordable healthcare. He wants a comprehensive plan of attack for ending the opioid crisis, and a robust effort to generate jobs of the future across the district. He wants to be the Chesapeake Bay’s most ardent and committed champion in Congress.

Jesse served four tours as a U.S. Army Ranger in Afghanistan, and worked on investigating wrongdoing on Wall Street and as a management consultant before deciding to pursue public service. He holds a Masters from Columbia University.


Letters to Editor

  1. Gren Whitman says:

    IMO, Democrat Jesse Colvin can be our Democrats’ strongest candidate to “retire” Doctor No this November. It’s gonna take a political pit bull to beat Harris, and Colvin seems to be able to bark AND bite!

    I urge my fellow Democrats to vote for Colvin in the June primary so we can vote for him again in the General Election.

    • Michael McDowell says:

      Absolutely agree. Harris has been a do-nothing Tea Party “Freedom” Caucus extremist since Day One in office and he only won because of the sordid gerrymander including the other side of the Bay. He takes big money and big email list support from the awful NRA, is against the assault weapons ban, doesn’t want the Dickey amendment repealed which bans research at CDC etc on the toll of gun wounds/deaths, supports his hero Trump’s massive tax breaks for the rich and for fat cat “doctors” like him, is terrrible on student loans, education in general, the environment, you name it. Rude to critics and a coward who is only NOW holding public meetings and who hid behind farcical “tele town halls”. Time he was gone. Vote Jesse Colvin who is at last a strong and centrist Dem candidate in the June primary and to defeat Harris in November.

  2. Carla Massoni says:

    I second the motion! We have been very impressed with Jesse Colvin. He has an understanding of the needs of our young families (expecting first child in April), the economic challenges facing the Shore, and an awareness of the international issues threatening our security on the world stage via his service as an Army Ranger.

    • Gerry Maynes says:

      A socialist is a still a socialist by any other name. Think of Venezuela before voting for this guy. Long lines for toilet paper, food shortages, free medical care, but no medicines are available, to the common man .

      • Ben Ford says:

        If you think Jesse Colvin is a socialist, you’ve got a very broad definition of the term.

      • Gerry Maynes: I agree. FREE is not free – Producers like myself will simply not work as hard nor make as much to take. Eventually, there will be lines and chaos for items. I have seen this in other parts of the world. I have seen women cry when they see a super Walmart in the USA. They just cannot believe there is this much food available anywhere!
        Be careful for what you vote for kiddos! America if the greatest country in the world!

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