Fiber Installation Underway in Chestertown


Kent FIBER Optic Systems (KentFOS) has begun construction of the Fiber Infrastructure in Chestertown as part of Kent County’s Dark Fiber network project.

The construction in Chestertown started February 21 along sections of College Avenue, Calvert Street, Kent Street, High Street, and Mill Street (Green line on the map below).  For the next two to three weeks, teams will be constructing on sections of Brown Street, E. Campus Avenue and Philosophers Terrace (outlined in orange on the map).

In the coming months, KentFOS intends to install along the Maple Avenue section of Route 213, and parts of Queen Street, Cross Street and Cannon Street as indicated by the map’s red line. (An updated map will be coming soon.)

In addition to burying conduit to hold the fiber-optic strands, the network requires the installation of “Hand Holes,” which are boxes strategically placed to maximize the efficiencies of splicing the fiber. The style of Hand Hole boxes being deployed in Chestertown was specifically requested and approved by the Town in an effort to minimize the aesthetic impact of the installation.

The infrastructure, including the Hand Hole boxes, is being constructed within the public right of way, a distance which extends approximately 7 feet from the curb or street edge. If you have questions about work being done in your neighborhood, KentFOS asks that you please call 443-215-0330 or email

Fiber being installed near H.H. Garnet Elementary School on Calvert Street, Feb. 27




Letters to Editor

  1. Robert Moores says:

    I hope the Fibre Optic cables are extended to S Cross St. I had to give up Verizon Fios when I moved here last year.

  2. Martin Hersey says:

    What is the purpose of the fiber optic cables? What do they link us to?

    • joe diamond says:

      That orange stuff in the picture is conduit …it protects the fiber optic cable inside as they plow the stuff underground with special equipment so they do not have to dig up every street. They are calling it dark fiber because it is not active (yet). What is going in the ground all over the county is called “backbone” and is the way the main trunk of cable will run.

      What is next…..and maybe the messiest is called FTTP.. (Fiber to the Premises )

      FTTP connects users to the internet,,,,,,,,,,It means digging up suburbia……cable under walks and driveways,,,across lawns and around trees. It ends with a box attached to your house. You connect to the box and you have internet in your house.

      SO the other end of the big orange conduit is the internet….uplinks to satellites and the rest. The fiber optic cable conducts light waves from your computer to the internet. The connections to the fiber optic cable are called splices and can only be done with special equipment & people who are trained to splice.

      The short answer to your question is…really fast internet!


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