Letter to Editor: Do We Know No Shame?


In a democracy, there are two kinds of citizens: those who make something happen, and those who let something happen.

Both groups should feel a sense of national shame right now for making, or letting, the events of recent years happen.

First, think about school shootings. According to USA Today, “Since Columbine in 1999, there have been 25 fatal, active school shootings at elementary and high schools in America.” In addition, there have been multiple mass homicides at a college, a nightclub, a country music festival, a church Bible study and multiple other venues. Babies, school children, teachers, young adults and even politicians have been the victims. Why is there no political will to stop this “American carnage?” Shame on us.

Second, think about the toxic partisan politics of recent years.To put it simply, we have a majority party, the Republicans, who are systematically dismantling our democracy, allowing corporations to rape the environment, rigging the system to favor the rich, and punishing the poor. This party still claims to represent a majority of voters, who, by their silence, and lack of urgency, allowed this to happen. Shame on us.

Third, we have a nation which has lost its moral, ethical, religious compass. On our currency is printed: “In God we Trust.” For those who espouse belief in God, do we really follow the moral and ethical precepts of God? Read Micah 6:8 “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” While you are at it, read Matthew 22:36-40 where Jesus teaches that following God’s law requires loving God, and loving one’s neighbor as oneself.
Shame on us.

Fourth, we have an administration in Washington whose President lies most every day and who burdens middle class and poor people with overwhelming debt. This administration shows no compassion for immigrants. Its foreign policy tactics are to bully others (allies and enemies alike) and to build walls along political borders and between religious and racial groups. Shame on us.

How can we remove this shameful stain on our nation? Citizens need to speak up and cry, “SHAME” on public officials who make or allow these shameful things to happen.

Citizens need to VOTE for candidates, not by their party affiliation, but by their willingness and ability to represent all of the people, guided by a moral and ethical compass, not lust for power or financial gain. If we citizens don’t do this, then “shame on us.”

Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Sinnott
Associated with Kent and Queen Anne’s Indivisible


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  1. Deirdre LaMotte says:

    Thank you. You have said it all so beautifully. Please, everyone…

  2. Gren Whitman says:

    The current Republican regime in D.C., ostensibly led by a toxic nitwit, is dedicated to comforting the comfortable… applauding the deplorable… tolerating the intolerable… justifying the unjustifiable… defending the indefensible… and ignoring the needy. Until this crowd, bottom to top, is removed, the Rev. Sinnott is headed for disappointment.

    Watchword for 2018? Prohibit civilians from owning military-purposed firearms and do not vote for a Republican.

  3. Michael McDowell says:

    Well said and well argued. In our Congressional district, Dr. Andy Harris, the Tea Party so called “Freedom” Caucus hard rightist, has an extreme libertarian outlook on government and almost total reliance on the private sector to tackle jobs and poverty in our area. He also feels from holding town hall meetings, the coward. He has been an utter sycophant of Trump and even supported discredited Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. He hugely supports the give to the rich Paul Ryan tax plan, which is not good for the people of the Eastern Shore and he rigidly refuses to back responsible environmental policies for the Bay, despite his blarney. Recent Facebook posts by Harris are stunning in their hypocrisy, where he is backing the National Endowment for the Humanities when he has voted consistently to DEfund cush agencies which arts and cultural centres in Chestertown and elsewhere need. The “doctor” is looking rattled these days judging by his “new attitude” Facebook columns. Harris needs to be put out of office as a do-nothing laissez-faire anti government zealot and there are four Democratic candidates running against him with the primary in June. including an Army Range captain who can really attend to the needs of our community. Harris’s attitude too towards hard working immigrants who supply much of the labor to our farms and fishing industries is appalling. Send Harris back to his medical practice where he loved the private sector and utterly opposed the Affordable Care Act like the high earning anaesthetist he is.

    • Keith Thompson says:

      I’m a registered Libertarian (in Delaware) and Andy Harris is NOT anything remotely resembling a Libertarian.

  4. Michael McDowell says:

    And one more thing on the egregious Congressman Andy “Dr.” Harris. He gets the Hypocrisy Nobel Prize this month. His “Freedom” Caucus, so-called, was so allegedly obsessed by our National Debt, that they and Harris tried to prevent President Obama from spending a cent to stimulate the economy when it plunged into the Recession. But these 180 degree switchers just voted to add $1-trillion to the debt for a corporate tax cut. Voters need to remember this in November when Harris is up for reelection.

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