An Open Letter to Rep. Andy Harris Regarding His Vote on the Income Tax Bill


Dear Dr. Harris,

I understand that reasonable people can disagree about the merits of reducing corporate taxes.   And, as a non-economist, I suppose that you can be forgiven for buying into the illogic of supporting deficit spending as a stimulus at a time when we are already at full employment and business profits are high.  But, please help me understand how, as a doctor, you can fail to understand the irreparable harm caused by refusing to allow people with serious and expensive illnesses, often well in excess of the 10% threshold, to deduct those medical expenses from their income tax.

Yes, we all recognize that most people rarely have such high medical expenses and the average person will be better off without having to itemize their medical bills but just because such illnesses are rare makes them none-the-less painful and expensive to the patient.  What precisely would be the harm done by allowing people burdened by such illnesses to deduct their health care costs?  Now compare that to the harm done to the elderly and the most seriously ill among us by your thoughtless vote.  Physician do no harm!


David Foster


Letters to Editor

  1. Marge Fallaw says:


  2. Fletcher R. Hall says:

    Mr. Foster makes a point. With the percentage of the U.S. population aging, the ability to take the medical expense deduction is essential.
    Let’s hope this matter is adequately addressed in Congressional conferences.
    There must be ways to allow those who need such a deduction. Verification is a key in maintaining the medical deduction. Verification and monitoring.
    Denial of this necessary deduction is not in the best interest of many Americans.
    Congressman Harris needs to understand this reality.

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