Flying Confederate Flags


On your right, at two homes, take note of two Confederate flags flying as you drive north on Main Street in Betterton.  Just because it’s legal to fly them doesn’t make it right.  They are symbols of hate, racism and slavery.  It’s ignorant, and makes our Eastern Shore county look bad and threatening.  “It’s legal” isn’t the last word.  Many things about free speech don’t involve words.  Flying a Union flag along with them doesn’t excuse anything.  Flying a Confederate flag says you are a “racist redneck.”  Is that really what you call a patriotic American?

Pam Cleary, Betterton


Letters to Editor

  1. Uh-oh, now you have started something…yes, everyone does have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. They choose to express theirs just like you chose to express yours with your statement. One thing though, you might want to check the history of the Confederate flag. It never has been about hate. It’s about the SOLDIERS that fought to allow us the right to express our freedom of speech. You have chosen to make it about hate. Now you probably think I am a “racist redneck”. See, once again you are wrong. I have friends of different colors, sexes, races, etc. I donate to all kinds of charities. I try to be nice to all people. It’s people like you that put the hate into this… now like you, I have expressed my opinion and am glad I can. TYVM

  2. Joseph Fick says:

    “Flying a Confederate Flag says you are a racist redneck”? That’s a pretty accusatory statement. Do those homeowners have slaves? Have they committed any racist hate crimes?
    What does flying a British flag mean? That you are a “Loyalist”?
    Or a Russian flag? That you are a communist?
    Or any other flag?
    Liberal wackos burn American flags and NFL millionaires disrespect the National Anthem and you are upset about two Confederate flags in Betterton?
    Does everyone have to think like you? Stop judging people. Mind your own business and stop telling others what to do.
    This is not the “Pam Cleary Country”. This is The United States of America. – Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

  3. Sam Tomlin says:

    Very well written….when I was a kid growing up in Atlanta, I really thought the confederate flag was a symbol of bravery , and good heritage, a lot of my family fought in the war.

    Let me ask you…where would we be if the South had won?

    There would be no “United States”. Nothing like we enjoy today.

    There might still be slaves in the plantations.

    I submit…the South and all of it’s ideals are HISTORY!


  4. Deirdre LaMotte says:

    There is such rich Southern heritage and it is a shame people only focus on the tawdry and stained aspects of the South. The confederate flag was resurrected in the 1940’s to 1950’s
    as a resistance against the civil rights movement. What was once a blatant defense of white supremacy has now become this gesture to “ heritage and history” as if this flag has nothing to do with opposition to civil rights. But, it has everything to do with it; flying it is perpetuating racism and this fact cannot be filtered out. So, Pam, you are dealing with people that
    need to display the flag knowing full well the implications because it forfills some sad void. You can either ignore this or give them a big smile and wave. Either way, be glad
    you are not in their shoes.

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