Rep. Andy Harris Working to Defund NPR


Current Magazine, a division of American University School of Communication, is reporting that Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), who railed against public media content during a House subcommittee meeting in March, wants Congress to defund NPR and the Independent Television Service.

During CPB President Pat Harrison’s testimony on public media’s federal funding request, Harris accused CPB of pushing an “agenda” with ITVS films such as The New Black, a documentary about the African-American community’s debate over gay marriage. Admitting he had not seen the films, Harris also cited Kumu Hina, focusing on a Hawaiian transgender woman, and Baby Mama High, about a pregnant teenager. All of the films he mentioned were funded by ITVS and aired on Independent Lens, PBS’s documentary showcase.

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Letters to Editor

  1. Mark Dell'Acqua says:

    Good. As much as I enjoy some of the programming on PBS, much of their programming like NPR is agenda driven
    and not appropriate if your going to support it with tax dollars. If both the NPR and PBS would provide some form
    of balance and provide something more than the liberal perspective on certain issues then Rep. Harris wouldn’t have
    much of an argument. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

    Mark Dell’Acqua

    • Deirdre LaMotte says:

      Yes, it is quite tough, I’m sure, not to have NPR sound like Rush or Fox. Facts are facts and that is what NPR reports; It reports facts and is always balanced. The truth is light and that is difficult for those who choose to remain in the dark.

    • Francoise Sullivan says:

      Perhaps if he recognized that stories about African-Americans and the LGBTQ community are not “liberal” issues but rather “human” issues he would have more of an appreciation for the diverse programming being offered.

    • Tom Steele says:

      Maybe Sinclair will buy them and you can have all the right-propaganda you want.

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