Letter to Editor: Trump Campaign Rhetoric


Trump’s campaign rhetoric has unleashed the racist beast that plagues the socio-political fabric of our nation. That monster is now running rampant and must be challenged. We must also turn over every rock to expose the maggots of bigotry and prejudice that lurk in the mud of ignorance. Now is not the time to surrender. The WAR at home and abroad is, as it always has been throughout recorded history, a combat between civilization and barbarism. Our educators serve on the front lines of battle.

Den Leventhal


Letters to Editor

  1. Patrick Byrne says:

    I am surprised the Spy published this rant. You should be referring the individual to counseling.

    • Joseph Fick says:

      Agree with Frank
      It’s always the liberals way or the highway.
      Get over it.

    • Gren Whitman says:

      How odd.
      I’m in complete agreement with this letter, a model exhortation that one everyone must heed.
      (Um, do I also need a referral for counseling, Patrick?)

    • Kathi Donegan says:

      Well, that’s rich. A citizen raises concern in clear language and you suggest counseling? Have you not paid attention to the words that have come out of Mr. Trump’s own mouth? Should he stay on his sketchy course, (sketchy because it is ever changing and lacking decency), then yes, by God, we will all have to be vigilant. I for one will not let his vision of America be mine.

      • Deirdre LaMotte says:

        The majority of the country voted for a competent candidate. Anyone who supported T is deservedly demonized. This man never has
        known poverty yet constantly stiffed people he employed. Entrusting our national budget with a man who has declared bankruptcy 6 times
        is moronic. On top of this lack of any integrity is his loathsome, foul mouth directed at anyone who he can belittle. You voted for
        this man despite this. Whether one is living in an economically privileged bubble and disregarded all
        of the above in order to protect his interest or one just loving a man who is the loudest racist in the room…One cannot consider you a decent person. Period.
        And neither will history.

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