Kent County Board of Ed to Hold Special Meeting Aug 3


The Kent County School Board of Education is holding a special meeting for the purpose of approving personnel and a QZAB bid.  The meeting will be held on Thursday, August 3, 2017, at 4:00 pm.  The meeting will be held at the Kent County Board of Education Administration Building, 5608 Boundary Avenue, Rock Hall, MD  21661.


ACTION A.  Approval of Agenda

ACTION B.  Move to Closed Session in accordance with SGA 10-

      508(a)(1)(ii) to discuss personnel matters

                    C.  Report on Closed Session

ACTION        D.  Personnel Actions


ACTION F.  Adjourn

Support Our Schools (SOS) “Random Acts of Kindness” Campaign a Big Success


Support Our Schools, a grassroots organization started by a group of local parents, recently completed its first “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign for Kent County Public Schools. The group set an ambitious goal of $5,000 and thanks to the generosity of the community, surpassed that goal by almost $1,000 for a total of $5,921.58. This amount was divided among the seven local public schools to offset unexpected year-end expenses. Each school received a check for $845.94 at the June 12 Board of Education meeting.

Donations ranged from $2 to $1,000 and were received from individuals as well as local businesses. Business sponsors are being promoted through the SOS website and Facebook page, which currently has a membership of more than 700 people. Those businesses can be identified by the SOS decal in their window. Friendship Montessori School, Johnson’s Concrete, both in Worton, and Welcome Home in Chestertown all became top-level “Golden Apple” sponsors.

The first Random Acts of Kindness campaign kicked-off on May 1, 2017, and ran for 31 days. It was a direct response to help funding needs expressed by KCPS principals to meet the needs of their students. This annual campaign will return on February 17, 2018, also known as “Random Acts of Kindness Day.”

The Support Our Schools (SOS) Initiative is a grassroots advocacy effort devoted to increasing awareness of and support for the needs, challenges, and untapped potential of our public school system—both for the sake of the current student population and for its opportunity to serve as a catalyst for economic development. For more information on the Support Our Schools initiative please visit our website.

KCMS STEM Science Olympiad Team Earns a Fourth Place Finish


Photo: 1st row L-R: Molly Grafton, Madilyn Conner, Andrew Smith, Christopher Hinton, Sella Conner; 2nd row L-R: Logan Carroll, Brandon Myers, Thomas Martinez, Emma Walters, Jamera Christy; 3rd row L-R: Matthew Rickloff, Kate Ervin, Marlee Berghaus, Katie Stecklair, Ashlyn Orr, Christine Clark; 4th row L-R: Zane Carter, Melissa MacLeod, KT Pagano, Leah Maier, Olivia Jones, Ian Walters, Jay Reid; Back row L-R: Robert Bourne, Jack Cullum, Ronald Parker, Karen Carty.

Kent County Middle School teachers, Christine Clark, Melissa MacLeod, Katie Hughes, and Karen Carty, along with volunteer Zane Carter, led the KCMS STEM Science Olympiad team to a fourth place win at the state tournament on Saturday, April 9th.

The team had earned a place in the state tournament by earning 5th place in the regional tournament on Saturday, February 10, 2017.

According to the national Science Olympiad Organization, “The Science Olympiad Tournament is the pinnacle of achievement for the state’s best Science Olympiad teams. Each year a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology.” Source:

This year KCMS students participated in a wide range of events, from designing their own experiments to creating a working hovercraft. These events required students to work cooperatively on rigorous hands-on learning challenges. Countless hours went into preparing students for their events. Each day they worked during their Extended Learning Time at KCMS, in addition to expanding their knowledge and refining their project-based building creations at home.

State Results:
4th Place in the State
Experimental Design- 2nd Place: Ashlyn Orr, Katie Stecklair, and Logan Hall
Crime Busters- 5th Place: Madilyn Conner and Thomas Martinez
Dynamic Planet- 1st Place: Molly Grafton and Marlee Berghaus
Invasive Species- 3rd Place: Brandon Myers And Leah Maier
Road Scholar- 2nd Place: Thomas Martinez and Robert Bourne
Food Science- 5th Place: Ashlyn Orr and Katie Stecklair
Rocks and Minerals- 6th Place: Jamera Christy and Leah Maier
Wind Power- 6th Place: Andrew Smith and Robert Bourne
Fast Facts- 5th Place: Andrew Smith and Thomas Martinez
Meteorology- 3rd Place: Madilyn Conner and Marlee Berghaus
Optics- 4th Place: Robert Bourne and Logan Hall
Towers- 5th Place: Robert Bourne and Logan Hall
Hovercraft- 3rd Place: Jamera Christy and Leah Maier
Mission Possible- 2nd Place: Brandon Myers and Thomas Martinez
Bottle Rocket- 1st Place: Andrew Smith and Matthew Rickloff

Regional Results:

5th Place in the Region
Bottle Rocket- 1st place- Andrew Smith and Ian Walters
Mission Possible- 2nd place- Thomas Martinez and Brandon Myers
Experimental Design- 3rd place- Katie Stecklair and Ashlyn Orr
Towers- 3rd place- Ian Walters and Robert Bourne
Food Science-3rd place- Katie Stecklair and Ashlyn Orr
Crime Busters- 3rd place- Thomas Martinez and Nathan Walls
Write-it, Do-it- 3rd place- Matt Rickloff and Brandon Bowman
Wind Power- 4th place- Robert Bourne and Andrew Smith
Scrambler- 4th place- Sella Conner and Emma Walters
Crime Busters- 4th place- Lydia Davis and Madilyn Conner
Anatomy and Physiology- 5th place- Robert Bourne and Andrew Smith
Towers- 5th place- Logan Carrol and Tennant Allen
Fast Facts-6th place- Andrew Smith and Thomas Martinez
Dynamic Planet- 6th place- Molly Grafton and Marlee Berghaus
Hovercraft- 6th place- Jamera Christy, Leah Maier, Kate Ervin, and KT Pagano

Kent County Announces 2017-2018 Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration



To register for Pre-K or Kindergarten for the 2017-2018 school year, your child must meet the following criteria:

• Be four (4) years old by September 1, 2017 for Pre-Kindergarten
• Be five (5) years old by September 1, 2017 for Kindergarten
• Be a resident of Kent County
• Meet current required immunizations

Schools will be holding registration during the times indicated below. Interpreters will be available from 9-11 at each school. Please contact the school’s main office to schedule an appointment.

May 17th – Galena Elementary School – 410-810-2510
May 18th – Rock Hall Elementary School – 410-810-2622
May 23rd – Garnet Elementary School – 410-778-6890

Entering your “911” address in the search function at the top corner of the link below will identify your child’s home school.

Consolidation Plan Boundary map –

Kent County Fifth Graders Learn About Art and Science


On March 11 and March 18, Kent County Public Schools’ art teacher, Aimee Boumiea and three elementary students visited David and Patti Hegland in their glassmaking studio in downtown Chestertown. The students were chosen through an essay contest, and the winners were those with the best response to why they wanted to learn about making glass.

The students had an opportunity to learn about the science behind art glass while they created artistic pieces of their own. One of the concepts they studied was “Equilibrium thickness” which is the thickness to which glass will naturally settle after being melted, about 1/4 inch. The students got to observe how large pieces will expand or flatten out to that thickness, and thinner pieces of glass retract to that size when they are cooled. They also learned about reactive colors. Glass is colored with different elements and when those elements come in contact with each other in the melting process, it produces a halo of a new reactive color.

Patti and David Hegland of Hegland Glass work with students from area elementary schools to create glass art

The program is part of the Arts in Motion program through Kent County Public Schools and was sponsored through a grant from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust. The idea for the program came from Tom McHugh, KCPS Facilitator for Fine Arts, and was championed by Fine Arts Supervisor Gina Jachimowicz as a great way for students to see art and science in action. McHugh reached out to Patti and David Hegland who were eager to participate. The Heglands are nationally recognized fine artisans, having won the Niche award for glass in 2013 as well as being finalists for the award in 2014 and 2015. They began a second career as glass artists in Chestertown after leaving successful careers in engineering and finance.

When asked about their participation, David Hegland stated that they are supporters of public education and had a great time with the students. He stated, “It’s amazing how quickly the kids learned and were able to put together their own pieces of glass art. They gained an understanding of the physics of glass and had fun composing their own works of art.” Each student left the program with one or two pieces of glass art that they created as well as a better understanding of how scientific concepts are applied in the real world.

Galena Elementary School Enjoys One School, One Book Project


Galena Elementary students, families, staff and faculty have all been reading The Indian in the Cupboard as a part of the One School, One Book project funded by the United Way of Kent County and Kent Forward.  During the past month, everybody has been reading the book and discussing the adventures of Omri, Little Bear and Boone.  Students in PreK through grade 5 have eagerly analyzed the text to find answers to daily trivia questions and posted responses to comprehension questions offered on the GALES Google Classroom website.  “It has been a wonderful experience for all of our students, regardless of age or grade, to enjoy the same book,” said Amy Crowding, Principal of GALES.

This project was first introduced by the way of a brief video designed to pique students’ interest.  The video, written and produced by Jessica Ribaudo – GALES 2nd grade teacher, was a big hit on social media.  It received over 9,000 views! Here is a link to the video on the GALES PTA Facebook page – pta/videos/

dovieOn January 10th, the students attended a school wide assembly to discover the title of the book and enjoy a skit introducing them to two special characters – Boone (played by GALES teacher Kathy Seip) and Little Bear (played by GALES teacher Rachael Gugasian).  Students left excited to dive into the adventure of toys coming to life!  From that point forward, Falcon families read a chapter a night and students came to school prepared to answer questions and participate in discussions regarding the book.

To help enhance students’ understanding of the Native American culture introduced by the book, Chris Cerino visited the school on January 25th to share artifacts and to talk about their customs.  The students loved seeing the animal pelts, arrowheads, bowls, baskets and decorative belts.  He led a great discussion regarding how the Native Americans used natural resources to survive.  The students especially liked learning about how Native Americans used plants and animals to cure illnesses and to stay healthy.

On February 8th at 6:00pm, GALES will host an Academic Night celebrating the One School, One Book project.  Dovie Thomason, a well-known Lakota/Kiowa Apache storyteller, will share stories highlighting the Native American culture and beliefs.  Her stories will entertain people of all ages and the community is encouraged to attend.  The Kent County Arts Council is helping to bring Ms. Thomason to GALES through a generous arts grant.

Thanks to the United Way of Kent County, Kent Forward, Kent County Arts Council, and Chris Cerino, Galena Elementary School is enjoying a great One School, One Book reading experience and appreciating how a good book can bring a community of readers together.

For more information, contact Amy S. Crowding, Principal, at 410-810-2511.

Work Session on Kent County School Consolidation January 17


The Kent County School Board of Education will be holding a work session for the purpose of discussing School Consolidation. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 5:30PM. The public is invited to observe but there will be no public participation. The meeting will be held at the Kent County Board of Education Administration Building, 5608 Boundary Avenue, Rock Hall, MD 21661.

School Consolidation – Work Session


The Kent County School Board of Education is holding a Work Session for the sole purpose of discussing School Consolidation. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 5:30PM. The public is invited to observe but there will be no public participation.The meeting will be held at the Kent County Board of Education Administration Building, 5608 Boundary Avenue, Rock Hall, MD 21661.

Kent Middle School Students Help with County Food Pantry



It never fails to It never fails to amaze, what a hard-working caring group of Kent County Middle School students can achieve. The “Be the Change” club recently held a food drive for the Kent County Food Pantry and gathered up seven boxes of donated food to be shared with members of our community. There will be families whose Thanksgiving table will be more heavily laden thanks to those who gave generously. Congratulations to these compassionate and dedicated young people.