Chestertown Spy Advisory Board

Alex Castro
Founder and former Director, SANDBOX

Margie Elsburg
Principal, Elsberg Associates

Robert Hackett
President, Bonner Foundation

John Lang
Writer, Founding Managing Editor, Chestertown Spy

Judy Kohl

Sherry Magill
President, Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Carla Massoni
Owner, Massoni Art

Steve Meehan
Attorney, Meehan & Meehan

Tom Metzloff
Professor, Duke University Law School

John Moag
President, Moag & Company

Peter Newlin
Principal, Chesapeake Architects

Leslie Raimond
Director, Kent County Arts Council

Stan Salett
Founder, ParentSmart

Mike Thielke
Director, Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship  Center

Tracey Williams
Principal, Kent County High School



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